can wireshark capture passwords

Yes. Wireshark can be used to capture passwords for various protocols. Wireshark is a protocol analyzer that allows
to capture and analyze network traffic. This include clear text passwords as well.

Wireshark is a protocol analyser which is capable of capturing traffic on the network. The passwords are typically exchanged between the client and the server. For example, a FTP client connects to the FTP server using appropriate credentials like username and password.

FTP is a insecure protocol which sends passwords in clear text. Using a tool like wireshark you can easily capture the communication between the FTP client and the server and look for the password exchanged , since it it send in clear text.

Telnet is another insecure protocol which sends password in clear text.

The technique used to look into passwords in a network traffic is called eavesdropping. This is used by hackers and security experts.

Wireshark has its limitations in capturing passwords. If you are using secure protocols like https, vpn etc, you would not be able to see the password in clear text, since they would be encrypted.

Wireshark can be a good solution to check the security of your network and look for insecure protocols. After identification , you can replace the insecure protocols with secure protocols and mitigate the risk of eavesdropping by hackers.

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