How to use nmap to check udp port

This nmap example explains how to use nmap to check UDP port (OPEN OR CLOSED )on a system. DNS works on UDP. We initiate UDP scan on a DNS server to check its status. The script is shown below. nmap -sU -p 53 -sU: This option

wireshark filter destination ip

This wireshark tutorial shows the filter to capture and display destination ip using wireshark. The filter is ip.dst The wireshark filter destination ip screenshot (below) shows a capture where the filter is applied in a capture file. All packets with the destination ip needs to be

How to use wireshark in cyber security

This tutorial explains how you can use wireshark in cyber security activity. Wireshark is a protocol analyzer which can help you to detect hackers. Security appliances uses deep packet inspection technique where protocol analysis is performed. This is the fundamental principle of wireshark. In this article, we

can wireshark capture passwords

Yes. Wireshark can be used to capture passwords for various protocols. Wireshark is a protocol analyzer that allows to capture and analyze network traffic. This include clear text passwords as well. Wireshark is a protocol analyser which is capable of capturing traffic on the network. The passwords

How to capture http traffic with wireshark

The following are two ways to capture http traffic with wireshark. The first method is to use a http filter. The screenshot of wireshark with the fiter applied is shown below. The above filter captures and displays http traffic. This is a straight forward method. The second