What happens when you ping a website

This tutorial understands what exactly happens when a you ping a website. The website www.networkinterfaze.com is issued a ping from the command prompt for a detailed understanding.

Step 1

The command ping www.networkinterfaze.com is issued on the command prompt.

Step 2

After the command is issued, the website name is resolved by DNS into an IP address. The DNS Server IP address which is configured on the network adapter is used for resolving the domain name into IP address. The IP address which is shown on the screen is the web server on which the website www.networkinterfaze.com is hosted. All websites are hosted on web servers.

Step 3

When the web server on which the website is hosted, receives the ping request, it responds back with ping reply which is shown on the above screen.

So when you ping a website, the web server responds back to the ping reply.