Top Skills for Network Engineers

This article lists the top skills for network engineers.


TCP/IP is a must have skill for network engineers. In today’s distributed network environment, components from different vendors would be used. TCP/IP is the common protocol suite which would be used for inter networking. Network Engineers should have a solid understanding of how TCP/IP works for effective analysis and troubleshooting of problems which arise on these networks.

2. Networking Fundamentals

This skill includes the internal working of devices like routers, switches, firewalls and appropriate services which used to setup these devices. A sound knowledge of how the inter networking of these devices work, and the associated features are a must know skill for network engineers.

3. Packet analysis

Packet analysis is the technique by which problems on the networks are analyzed by looking into the packets on the network. Network Engineers should have sound knowledge of how to use protocol analyzers like wireshark and understand the problems on the network by analyzing the packets.

4. Network Monitoring

Network Monitoring is the technique by which tools are used to monitor the health of a network. Network Engineers should have a good understand of common tools for monitoring networks like nmap , wireshark, netstat etc.

5. Network automation

Network automation is the upcoming and must have skill for a network engineer. Python is used for automating common networking tasks which would make life much easy for a network engineer. Python for network automation is another must have skill in the list.

6. Network troubleshooting

How can one forget the most important skill required for a network engineer ? Network troubleshooting is the most important skill any network engineer should have. This skill is required for support engineers managing complex networks.