Protocol Testing Workshop Syllabus

Day 1

Network analysis

a. IP routing concepts
b. Switching concepts
c. Usage of Wireshark.
d. VLAN concepts and analysis
e. Spanning tree concept and analysis
f. Routing protocols – working and analysis

Intro to Protocol Testing

a. What is protocol testing
b. Understanding protocol testing artifacts like Test plan, Test case, Defect management systems etc.
c. Types of protocol testing.

Day 2

Design test plan and test cases for the following.

Layer 2 protocol testing

a. Switch CLI feature testing
c. arp testing
b. vlan, 802.1Q testing
c. Spanning tree testing

Layer 3 protocol testing

a. Router CLI feature testing
b. RIP testing
c. OSPF testing

Day 3

Network Automation

a. How to use TCL and expect for automation.
b. How to use Python and pexpect for automation.
c. Crafting custom network testing tools with Python and Scapy.
D. Examples