6 useful free tools for a protocol tester

The following are 6 useful free protocol testing tools and how it can help in a testing activity.

1. Wireshark – This free protocol analyzer can be used to test packet level information in a testing activity. For ex, a layer 2 protocol tester, assigned to test STP functionality can use to validate the value of BPDU information in a STP Packet.

2. Python – Another free programming framework, which can be used to develop automation and performance testing scripts and tools.

3. Scapy – A packet crafting framework, which can used independently or along with the Python Framework

Protocol Testing tools

4. hping – A packet simulating tool which can be used especially in testing network security features and functionality.

5. Netperf – A free tool which can be used for network performance testing activities.

6. TCL / expect – A programming framework which can be used to automate remote connectivity to devices like routers and execute command line based test scenarios.

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