L2/L3 Protocol Testing

This protocol testing course is recommended for audience with a background in networking, passed CCNA/CCNP, Network and System administrators looking for role change. The course focuses on Layer 2 and Layer 3 protocols and features. The role of a L2/L3 protocol testing engineer is to test and validate the functionality of the protocols and features on networking devices like routers and switches. The protocol testing engineer is required to have a sound knowledge on the functionality of the feature and protocols which is to be tested.

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Course Snapshot

1. Network Testing Scope

The concepts of network testing which includes Product testing (Router,Switch,Access point, Firewall), Network application (ex: NMS, Wireless application software, VPN clients), Interoperability testing (ex: Custom protocol operations with multiple vendor solutions), Protocol conformance is understood. The procedure to How to design and execute a network testing project and the stages in the same like requirement analysis, Information gathering ,Test plan design ,Test strategy design, Test case design, Network Lab Infrastructure deign, usage of Test tools like Packet analyzers and simulators, Test management software’s like Bugzilla is understood.

2. Network feature and protocol fundamental analysis.

The detailed working of feature to be tested and the protocols are understood in detail with the use of tools like protocol analyzers.

ARP, Proxy ARP
VLAN, 802.1Q
RIP v1 and v2
OSPF v1 and v2

3. Design and execute test plans for functionality, conformance , regression , negative and corner test cases for the above mentioned protocols and features.

4. Packet crafting.

The techniques of crafting layer 2 and layer 3 packets for testing feature and protocol functionality is analyzed with tools like Python , Scapy, hping.

5. Network automation

Network automation techniques with the use of Python , TCL and usage in testing activities are understood.

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Delivery Mode -Personal Training with Online Instructor

Pricing – Rs 25000 / $500

Course duration – 20 hrs .

What you get – Course material + 20 hrs of online personal training and lab access with the instructor.

Take our Python Network programming course on Udemy for $12.99 – Click here

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