Network Support Engineer

The network support engineer course teaches the techniques which are used by network engineers for activities like network analysis, troubleshooting, design , scripting, automation. The course focus on how to solve networking and security problems in a support environment. In a job environment, there would be a mix of devices from different vendors like Cisco, Microsoft, Linux etc. To effectively fix issues, techniques are extremely important. The course starts from the fundamentals of TCP/IP and routing/switching and analyzes the methods and tools used for performing various network related functions.


a.Improves your networking fundamentals and TCP/IP internal knowledge.
b.Packet level analysis and troubleshooting.
c.Learn hot skills like advanced analysis and troubleshooting techniques, Python scripting, Working and usage of network tools like wireshark, nmap, thsark, TCP/IP Network design.
d.Learn how to program custom networking tools
e.Makes you solve complex networking problems.

Module 1 – Network Internals

a.TCP/IP Internals and real time analysis
b.Networking Fundamentals , Routing & Switching internals & real time analysis

Module 2 – Packet level analysis of TCP/IP Protocols

1. TCP and UDP
3. FTP.
4. Telnet

Module 3 – Network Tools

a.Wireshark Fundamentals & usage
b.NMAP fundamentals & usage
c.Netstat fundamentals & usage.
d.Ping and tracert internals.
e.Scapy fundamentals
f.tshark fundamentals

Module 4 – Network application troubleshooting

a.Wireshark anaysis of network applications like DHCP, FTP, Telnet, HTTP
b.Troubleshooting techniques of the above applications with nmap and wireshark.

Module 5 – Network connectivity troubleshooting

a.Layer 2 connectivity testing with wireshark
b.Layer 3 connectivity testing.

Module 5 – Internet Troubleshooting

a.Internals of internet communication.
b.DNS troubleshooting
c.Resolving NAT and gateway issues
d.Resolving routing issues.

Module 6 – ICMP for troubleshooting.

a.How ICMP works
b.How ping and tracert uses ICMP
c.How to analyze ICMP responses for effective troubleshooting.
d.ICMP analysis for router troubleshooting.

Module 7 – Firewall and VPN troubleshooting

a. Troubleshoot common firewall issues.
b. Troubleshoot common VPN issues.

Module 8- Network Design

a. TCP/IP Network design
b. LAN Network design
c. WAN Network design
d. VPN Network design
e. Firewall Network Design

Module 9 – Network Monitoring Techniques.

a.How to monitor connection thresholds on a server.
b.How to monitor load on the server.
c.How to monitor connection statistics.
d.How to monitor bandwidth and latency on WAN and LAN links.

Module 10- Python Scripting

a.How to write custom scripts with Python with scapy to develop custom troubleshooting tools
b.How to write custom scripts with Python and tshark to develop custom network monitoring tools
c.How to automate connectivity to routers and switches with Python and Pexpect.

Module 11 – Custom tool programming

a.Packet loss testing tool
b.Network speed testing tool
c.Network latency testing tool
d.Server uptime monitor
e.Server connection Monitor.
f.HTTP troubleshooting tool
g.Telnet troubleshooting tool.
h.ICMP response analyzer.
i.DHCP troubleshooting tool.

Module 11 – Solving networking problems using real time case study

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Duration -15 hrs

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Delivery Mode – Personal Online Training

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