Network Security testing procedures

The article explains the procedures to be followed in a network security testing activity. Network security testing is divided into two broad scopes. You can be a tester who is assigned to test the functionality of a device like firewalls, IDS, IPS etc. In this scope, your role is a network security device tester. You can also perform network security testing activity for a network infrastructure. In this activity, your role would be test if the security of a network can be breached by the use of ethical hacking tools.

The procedures to be followed are different and would be based on the nature of testing activity to be performed. If the role is that of a network security device tester, then design document of the particular feature which needs to be tested is to understood and tools and tests which can be used to test the functionality of the feature needs to be analyzed. If the role is to test the security of a network infrastructure, security standards like ISSAF, NIST Guidelines, ISO etc should be referred and tests performed based on the guidelines provided.

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