Network Engineering books

Our network engineering books will help you improve your skills on various networking domains.

Building Network troubleshooting tools with Python and Scapy

This book understands how custom networking tools can be developed by using Python and Scapy. The functionality and behavior of networking protocols like ARP, ICMP, TCP are analyzed and tools developed based on their behavior. Tools which can be used to test network connectivity issues at Layer 2 and Layer 3 and analyzing the network and port status of applications like Telnet, HTTP, FTP is understood. Tools are included with code and explanation

Building Network Monitoring tools with Python and tshark

This book teaches how to craft custom network monitoring tools by leveraging the packet capture functionality of tshark, the command line of wireshark. The procedure to integrate tshark with programming language Python and how custom scripts and tools for specific network requirements can be developed is analyzed. Sample tools along with detailed explanation of code and output is provided

Wireshark tutorials for Network administrators

This book contains wireshark tutorials which are recommended for network administration activity. It contains screenshots of wireshark with appropriate filters and useful techniques which can be used for network analysis.

NMAP Tutorials for Network administrators

This book contains nmap tutorials which are recommended for day to day network administration activity. The book is ideal for network administrators using nmap for network analysis.

Network Monitoring Tools & Techniques

This guide contains tutorials on network monitoring with different types of tools like wireshark, netstat, custom utilities etc. The guide is ideal for network engineers who would want to understand the different techniques and utilities which can be used for network monitoring activities.


The book explains the basics of vlan, its use and need, and procedure to setup and configure networks based on vlans. Case studies are included as part of learning in the book.

250+ Network Engineer Interview questions & answers

This Ebook consists of 250 + interview questions and answers based on networking concepts. Objective type questions are also included in the ebook. The book is ideal for candidates planning to attend interviews in the networking field.

Network Security Interview questions and answers

The Network Security Interview Questions and Answers EBook contains 100 interview questions on network security concepts, technology and protocols. It is ideal for a candidate aspiring for an interview requiring knowledge on network security.

Network Test automation with TCL and expect

This book is recommended for audience who would want to understand how TCL and Expect can be combined to perform network test automation. This book teaches with examples, the procedure to automate testing and configuration on networking products

Routing & Switching Basics

The Ebook explains the fundamental concepts of routing and switching with case study and examples. Internal analysis of concepts and how routing and switching technologies work in different conditions are understood. This book is recommended for audience who would want to understand the internal working of routing and switching technologies.


The CCNA® certification is one of the most reputed and respected courses in the computer networking industry. This EBook is ideal for candidates who have completed or pursing CCNA® certification and intending to go for an interview, which requires the CCNA® certification. The questions in the EBook would help you to perform a self assessment of the concepts learnt during the CCNA® course and how well you have understood the same. Scenario and topology based questions with answers are also included in the eBook.

TCP/IP Interview questions

This book contains 150 interview questions and answers based on TCP/IP networking. Interview questions with answers based on TCP/IP protocols, fundamentals, communication and analysis is included in the book. Scenario based questions are also included. It is recommended for audience aspiring for an interview based on TCP/IP .