Network automation

The network automation course is ideal for network administrators, who are interested in understanding the methodology and process which are used for automating network activities like network administration, network analysis and troubleshooting , scripting with the use of programming languages and tools like Python, Scapy, expect, TCL.


This course is now retired. The course is integrated with Networking Tools and Scripting programmer course
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Module 1 – Basics of Network automation.

a.What is network automation
b.Tools and languages used for network automation.

Module 2 – Programming Frameworks

a. Fundamentals of progamming frameworks like Python, TCL, Scapy and expect.
b. Methodology to setup the above frameworks.

Module 3 – Automating network administration

a. How to use TCL and expect to remotely execute commands on Cisco routers.
b. How to use Python to schedule a task.
c. How to use Scapy to create custom packets.
d. How to use Python to analyze network connections on a computer.

Module 4 – Automating network troubleshooting

a. Troubleshooting network protocols like FTP, DHCP, DNS with custom programs with Python and Scapy
b. How to create custom troubleshooting tools based on specific network topology.
c. How to automate ping troubleshooting for layer 2 and layer 3 connectivity issues.
d. How to create an internet troubleshooting tools

Module 5 – Automating network performance analysis

a. How to create customs tools to test packet losses.
b. How to create custom tools to check server availability based on layer 2, layer 3 and layer 4 parameters.
c. How to test latency for different networking protocols like ICMP, TCP etc.

Module 6 – Automating network security testing

a. How to create custom packets to security policy like ACL on firewalls and routers.
b. How to create custom packets to test security features on routers and switches.

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