Network and Security Analyst

The network and security analyst course is recommended for audience who have networking knowledge , professional certifications like CCNA/CCNP, Network and System administrators.The role of a network and security analyst is to design and analyze requirements and issues in a network infrastructure. A good analyst is expected to have a sound knowledge of networking and security protocols, network communication, troubleshooting techniques and usage of tools like network analyzers, scanners , packet crafting for custom requirements.

Course snapshot.

1. Network Design Techniques.

Requirements for complex network design are understood and analyzed. Methodology of network and system integration for the requirements are analyzed. Components from different vendors like Cisco, Microsoft, Linux are used for setting up the networks. The requirements are analyzed in areas like VPN design, LAN and WAN design, Security design.

2. Network and Security tools

Different types of tools used by network and security analysts like nmap, wireshark,netstat, TCL, Python and basic methodology of usage is understood.

3. Network troubleshooting Techniques.

Detailed level working of networking and security protocols and technology are understood. Methodology to troubleshoot the protocols and network infrastructure with the above mentioned tools are analyzed with real time case study.

4. Network automation

The methodology by which Python and TCL can be used used for automating network activities are researched and analyzed.

5. Packet crafting

Packet crafting with Scapy and how it can be used for network and security analysis activities are understood.

Delivery Mode

Online and Classroom

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