How to measure packet loss

This tutorial explains how to measure packet loss from a Windows system. The test can be used to measure packet losses on any network. Ping is a tool , which would analyze if a remote system is up or down. On Windows , ping can be customized to send the required number of packets on the network. The following screenshot shows how to ping the IP address , for a count of 10.

It can be observed that , after the ping responses are received, the statistics are also provided below. There is a field called ‘Lost’ which would identify the number of Lost packets for the number of packets send. Windows ‘find’ command can be used for displaying just the Line which contains the lost packets. This proves to be useful, when packet losses are to be checked when the number of send packets are high. In the below screenshot, find is used to detect lines which contain the value ‘Lost’ , following which the appropriate line is printed, the details of which are shown below.

Packet loss testing

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