How to find vulnerable ports on a system using nmap

This tutorial understands how you can find vulnerable ports on a system. We have identified eaves dropping protocols which are insecure using nmap. Eavesdropping is a technique which attackers use for analyzing protocols which sends data in plain text. The main purpose of eavesdropping is to captures passwords which are sent in clear text or sensitive data.

The predominant protocols which are vulnerable to eavesdropping are http, ftp, telnet, imap, pop3, smtp.

Follow the steps to scan the system for vulnerable protocols.

Step 1

Download and install NMAP from the website nmap

Step 2

Initiate a scan as shown in the below screenshot. This would initiate a scan to the protocols which are listed above and find the status of the protocols (Open or Closed) on the PC ( Open would indicate that the application is running and closed would indicate that it is not installed. The output of the scan is shown in the screenshot.

It can be observed that in the screenshot, ftp, telnet and http is available on the system. From a security perspective , these protocols should be replaced with their secure counterparts.FTP, Telnet and http should be replaced with Secure FTP, SSH and HTTPS protocol.