How to check if DNS is working

This article understands how to check if your DNS is actually working or not. DNS is used for resolving the domain name into IP address. In the below topology, the PC is connected to a router, which is connected to the internet. The PC has received appropriate IP address and DNS address through the routers DHCP server. To check if the DNS is working, follow the below step.

1. Ping a website from the PC. When the command is issued , the first step would be resolve the domain name (website name) into an IP address. This is performed using DNS IP address on the PC. If the DNS server IP address is not present or not working, the IP address of the website will not be resolved and it would fail. A screenshot with ping , using a website is shown below.

In the above diagram , it can be observed that the website name, has been resolved into appropriate IP address. This ensures that DNS functionality is working as expected.