Cloud Computing for IT Professionals

The cloud computing for IT professionals course is a an introductory course for IT professionals aiming to understand the fundamental concepts in a cloud computing environment. This course would teach you the need and use for different technologies in a cloud computing environment.

Course Mode – Online and Personal Coaching

Recommended audience

1. Software developers and programmers who are shifting their environment to cloud
2. Project Managers who want good understanding of cloud technology.
2. Network administrators who are shifting their environment to cloud
3. Cloud beginners
4. Network engineers who would want to shift to cloud.

Course Content

Module 1 – Internet Fundamentals

Understanding Internet Infrastructure
Understanding Internet concepts like DNS, Public & Private IP address, TCP/IP, HTTP, HTTPS.

Module 2 – Cloud technologies

Different type of cloud technologies explained in detail and how they are used in a cloud environment

Subnetting and types
Load balancer
Web application Firewall
Access control lists
DDOS and Protection
Intrusion detection.

Module 3 – Need for Cloud

This module understands the need for cloud architecture and how it benefits an organization.

Module 4 – Types of Cloud architecture

This module understands the different types of cloud architecture and how they are used in a cloud environment.

This is a personal course conducted online. Email us for a free demo.

Course Duration – 12 hrs.

Price – Rs 15000 / –