Building Network Troubleshooting Tools with Python and Scapy

This book understands how custom networking tools can be developed by using Python and Scapy. The functionality and behavior of networking protocols like ARP, ICMP, TCP are analyzed and tools developed based on their behavior. Tools which can be used to test network connectivity issues at Layer 2 and Layer 3 and analyzing the network and port status of applications like Telnet, HTTP, FTP is understood. Tools are included with code and explanation.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1- Network Communication Essentials
ARP Protocol
ICMP Protocol
TCP Protocol
Chapter 2 – Analysis of device and Service unavailability
Layer 2 availability
Layer 3 availability
Layer 4 availability
Chapter 3 – Tool Design Logic
Layer 2 troubleshooting
Layer 3 troubleshooting
Layer 4 troubleshooting
Scapy TCP Flags return values
Chapter 4 – Lab topology with tools
Chapter 5 – Tools with Code and Explanation
Layer 2 troubleshooting Tool (
Layer 3 troubleshooting tool (
FTP Server Troubleshooting Tool (
Telnet Server troubleshooting tool (
httpserver troubleshooting tool(

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