3 practical uses of wireshark

This article explains 3 practical uses and scenarios where wireshark tool can be used . Wireshark is one of the worlds best protocol analyzer. It can be used to effectively troubleshoot networks and pinpoint problems.

Network troubleshooting

Wireshark can be effectively used for troubleshooting networks. The tool can be used to understand the packets exchanged on a network and troubleshoot and pin point the problem. A typical scenario would be where a network engineer uses wireshark to look into DHCP packets to troubleshoot problems between a DHCP Server and client.

Network Testing

During testing of features and protocols on networking hardware, engineers would would be needing to check the details inside a packet for conformance to standards or specific requirements. Wireshark helps to effectively achieve this scenario.

Network Monitoring

Wireshark can be used as an effective tool for monitoring packets on a network. This would help understand and gain insight on the different types of protocols and corresponding applications which are running on the network.

You can download wireshark from the website – www.wireshark.org. It is a free tool and GUI based.