250+ Network Engineer Interview Questions and Answers

The 250+ Network Engineer Interview Questions and Answers is ideal for network engineers planning to attend interviews on networking. The questions in the ebook are focused on fundamentals, technology and scenarios. Questions are provided with answers along with detailed explanation. The questions include objective and subjective questions.

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Sample Questions

Question 1

Explain the communication flow between a DHCP client and server on a network with two DHCP Servers

The first packet the DHCP Client initiates would be the DHCP Discover packet. The DHCP Discover packet is broadcast in nature and would be received by both the DHCP servers. The DHCP servers would respond with DHCP offer packet containing the IP addresses which they offer. Based on the first DHCP offer the client receives, the client would respond with DHCP request packet which contains the IP address which it would be using along with the DHCP servers IP address which had provide the respective. This packet is send as broadcast. The packet, when received by the other DHCP server would understand that the IP address which it had leased to the client (In the DHCP offer packet) is not taken. So the DHCP server would put the IP address back to its pool.

Question 2

Which field in a DHCP message exchange for a client would keep track of the message flow to avoid getting mismatched with a different DHCP packet from a different client?

Transaction ID in DHCP packets

Question 3

Will the DHCP client trigger for a lease renewal before or after the lease time has expired.
The DHCP Client triggers for a lease renewal just before the DHCP lease expires and not after the lease expires.

Question 4

What is the value of client IP address field in a DHCP Header of a DHCP Release packet. The IP address of the client is

The client IP address field in the DHCP header contains the value of the client’s current IP address which is

Question 5

In a LAN network should the DNS server be inside the network or can it reside on the internet
The DNS server can reside anywhere as long as the computers and devices requiring DNS service have network access to it.

Question 6

How does a computer know to which DNS server it has to sent the request

The DNS server IP address is configured on the TCP/IP adapter setting of the computer. With this information, the computer knows the DNS server to which the request has to be sent.

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