Python Networking Course

Python Networking Course is a self paced video course which teaches how to develop custom networking tools and automation scripts for network testing and analysis activities like network monitoring, network troubleshooting, network scanning, network configurations with Python. The methodology by which different types of frameworks like scapy, tshark can be combined with Python to develop custom tools and automation scripts are understood in detail.

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Target Audience

1. Network Engineers who want to learn custom scripting and tool development with Python
2. Network administrators who would want to use custom tools and scripts for automating various networking activities with Python
3. Network / Protocol Testers requiring to craft custom tools and scripts for various testing and automation purposes.


Background in networking

Course snapshot

Module 1 – Intro to Packet Crafting.

Video Tutorial 1 – Scapy Basics
Video Tutorial 2 – Packet crafting concepts.

Module 2 – Protocol header crafting

Video Tutorial 3 – Ethernet header crafting
Video Tutorial 4 – IP header crafting
Video Tutorial 5 – TCP header crafting
Video Tutorial 6 – UDP header crafting
Video Tutorial 7 – ICMP header crafting

Module 3 – Packets on the network

Video Tutorial 8 – Layer 2 packet sending
Video Tutorial 9 – Layer 3 packet sending
Video Tutorial 10 – Appending and sending packets
Video Tutorial 11 – Sending and receiving packets
Video Tutorial 12 – Verifying crafted packets

Module 4 – Python Concepts

Video Tutorial 13 – Python Basics
Video Tutorial 14 – Python essentials for network programming
Video Tutorial 15 – Integrating Python with Scapy

Module 5 – LABS

Video Tutorial 16 – LAB Design

Module 6 -Packet crafting – Demonstration and verification

Video Tutorial 17 – How to craft and send a custom ping packet.
Video Tutorial 18 -How to craft an ARP Request Packet
Video Tutorial 19 – How to craft a TCP Syn packet with a destination port number
Video Tutorial 20 – How to send a packet with random IP address
Video Tutorial 21 – How to send packet through a specific interface
Video Tutorial 22 – How to send packets in a loop
Video Tutorial 23 -How to display received packets and fields
Video Tutorial 24- How to send packets in a loop with random IP addresses

Module 7 – Network tools with source code , explanation , demonstration and verification.

Video Tutorial 25 -TCPSynSender (Packet Injector)
Video Tutorial 26 -MacSpoofer Tool (Spoofing tool)
Video Tutorial 27 -UDPPacket Injector (Packet Injector
Video Tutorial 28 -IPScannerTool (Scanning Tool)
Video Tutorial 29 – Lanspeed Testing tool (Testing Tool)
Video Tutorial 30 – MacFindertool (Scanning Tool)

Take our Python Network programming Course for $12.99 on udemy


Video Tutorial 23

Video Tutorial 30

Take our Python Network programming Course for $12.99 on udemy